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Private Sessions

Choose between Individual Comprehensive Body Coaching or Thai Bodywork

More than 20 Years in the Making

For over 20 years I have been involved in study and mechanics of how the physical body works, its functions, and how to bring it into a state of balance. Over the years I have studied with leading teachers in the fields of Pilates, Yoga, Thai Massage, trauma, and the nervous system. I love working with people and helping you feel good in your body.

The bodywork I do is based on traditional Thai style massage with adaptive trigger point therapy. I work on releasing stuck energy in the joints and tissues in the body by putting pressure on taught fibers in the muscles called trigger points and working joints in the body to their preferred range of motion. This increases flexibility and responsiveness through the muscles. I do this bodywork on a heated mat on the floor with the participant fully clothed in comfortable loose fabric. I also work on a massage chair or from a table.

I also offer individual or duo sessions in movement using Pilates equipment, yoga techniques, sensory response techniques, using Thera bands, balls, touch, and other unique tools.

As with all new clients, there is an initial assessment session that can take up to two hours. After initial assessment there is a four week commitment with one session per week.


Private Sessions

In-Person at Yellow Springs, Ohio

Since Victoria's calendar for private sessions is nearly full, please apply first. She'll then be in touch to let you know any availability. Join her Feel Good Group Classes to begin taking steps to feeling better today!
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Clients Voiced Benefits:

Improved Posture & Balance

Increased Strength

Better Mobility

Reduced Tension & Stress

Deeper Connection with Self

Richer Relationship with your Body

Calmness & Serenity in Mind

More Intimate Relationship with your Breath

My Unique Classes Blend:

Yoga Asana

Thai Bodywork

Somatic Practices

Strength, Balance & Coordination Training



Breathwork & Mindfulness

Acupressure & Trigger Point Therapy
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