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Feel Good in your Body.


Let's work together if any of this resonates:

You want help reducing stress.
You long to feel ease in achy joints.
You desire to overcome fatigue.
You've tried meditating and decided you can't do it.
You know exercise is good for you, but you don't do it.

It's all about you!

 Life is tough on the body and sometimes can be very painful from over use or under use. Main stream fitness can in some cases cause pain in the body and exacerbate poor movement patterns rather than facilitating better overall health. Strong body awareness, and body connection can help you heal and adapt to any situation, either physically (like mountain hiking or extreme sports), or mental/emotional situations where you are under intense stress.. My talent is finding your uniqueness and celebrating it. In working together, you'll learn clear ways to work with your body and mind. This in turn reduces pain, increases your overall health, and gives you clarity on how to live an embodied life.

Since my work is as unique as you, I've listed my area of studies and the techniques I use to help you get a clearer view of what it's like working with me. Whether our sessions are in-person or online, you'll receive the customized attention you deserve.

My Offerings

Therapeutic Bodywork Sessions

In-Person  |  Yellow Springs, Ohio

These one to one sessions blend personalized attention, hands-on bodywork, and decades of experience to give you the support you need to recover from injury, live pain-free, and feel confident in your body. These sessions combine customized therapeutic movement, bodywork, and use of many different types of physical training equipment.

Session Options:

Comprehensive Body Coaching or Thai Bodywork

'Feel Good' Membership

Online Weekly Group Classes

Join a community, increase your body awareness, and learn about proper body mechanics to feel stronger, more balanced, and more supple in daily life. Group Therapeutic Movement Classes are held four times a week plus you can gain access to previously recorded live sessions.

Class Times:

Mondays 9:30am

Wednesdays 12pm

Saturdays 2:30pm

My Specialties & My Passions

Body Awareness
Posture & Balance
Strength Training
Neurological Conditions
Stress & Tension
Balance & Coordination Training
Pain Management
Holistic Well-being

What Clients Say

"Fifteen years ago doctor's told me I was experiencing "age-itus. After working with Victoria for only a couple months my body improved significantly! Victoria saw my potential for healing."


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